Welcome to Group Buys

Much like a “Groupon”, here you will find great items for a fraction of the price. How are we able to offer these at such a reduced amount? You are part of a collective buying group of Locksmiths across the nation each time you participate. To participate in a Group Buy, commit to purchasing at least the minimum indiviudal quantity (or a multiple there of).

So long as the total number is achieved, you will receive your purchased quantity within about a week of the sale completion.

Make sure to share on Facebook, twitter, etc so your friends can help you hit the total target number and get everyone a GREAT DEAL!

If the total target number is not achieved, the Group Buy is canceled and those who committed get their money back.

Have questions… contact your account manager 312-789-5333.

$34.00 $19.00

FCC #: OHT01060512 / OHT05918179 / V2T-01060512


Minimum Purchase Qty: 5

25 sold so far, get yours soon.
5 more buyers needed for the deal to be on!
$14.00 $6.50

SKU: K268

Minimum Purchase Qty: 10

10 sold so far, get yours soon.
9 more buyers needed for the deal to be on!